The Beginning

Scripturient Sirimiri. The second part of the title was fairly random. Scripturient is a now obsolete Latin adjective, meaning desiring to write. Sirimiri is a Spanish noun, describing a light rain that is not quite a shower, also known as a drizzle. But, they have alliteration. I like alliteration.

A blank slate can be incredibly daunting. The first step is hidden behind a flurry of thoughts, a tangled web of possibilities, and maybe a puddle or two of doubt. Learning a language is one thing, using it is the real fun, or in some instances, the real pain.


Sometimes, you just have to ignore all the what-ifs and begin. This is my goal here. Writing gives me the confidence to speak a language, because I begin to “write” in my mind, and having something to base my words from is essential for me. To ensure that I keep this focus in mind, this will be the first and last post in English on this blog.



4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Wow! Nice! Must admit I’m a little scared! What am I gonna do when you post in languages I don’t know (And don’t even talk about google translate)?! And, you’re right about the Real fun, real pain thingy! ;)

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  2. C’est très cool! :) J’aime cette idée et j’aime ton blog aussi!
    I’m Italian but I always write in English on my blog, so I know how important it is to get some real practice in order to improve our writing skills. I should do it more often in French, though! Your blog inspired me to do so. Ce sera mon objectif!

    À bientôt, j’espère ;)


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